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Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun


that page is about me. I'm sorry I can't tell it in finnish, but "ei suomea" :p.

Olen ranskalainen, and that's all :)

So, I'm a french student in last year of pre-graduate school (Scientific section). I'm a {maths|computer sciences} geek, still learning but passionate. I like to put and solve problems. I also enjoy philosophy, french (literature), english and physics (though I'm not so interested by that). I'm also a christian, involved in evangelical churches as much as I can.

My favorite movie might be Clockwork Orange, though I have lots of favorite movies :-).

I use only UNIX systems, mostly Debian GNU/Linux. I use them for desktop, programming and server uses.

Next year, after the Baccalauréat (our first real graduation), I'll enter a preparation school (a school with 15 hours of maths and 15 hours of physics a week, plus philosophy and english, plus engineer sciences during the first part of the year) to later enter into a "Grande Ecole", like the well known Ecole Normale Supérieure or Polytechnique.

If you want any other information, feel free to mail me at jdesoutter 47 linux62 |>07 org. (13375P34K against spam :)).