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Keskustelu:Lapin leirikoulu 2006

Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

Jojosan => Oh, Badger ! That was a great experience indeed. Translation + feedback would be appreciated. Contact me at Sinua on kaunis mekko!


Summer School in Lapland 2006

The traditional summer school of Helsingin matematiikkalukio was held this year too in the arm of Finland [1] by the shore of Könkämäeno which is the river that borders Finland and Sweden. We lived in two cottages, Nunas and Könkömä, in which there was electricity only for lighting and charging battery of a mobile phone. The speed of running water was usually approximately 4-7 km/h and it was quantified in buckets.

We started the journey on early Sunday morning a fur length to eight o' clock from the school yard. On the trip we encountered many kinds of birds: three penguins and a polar bear. Other observed phenomena were the growth of reindeer population (with respect to the bus) and the decrease of leaf size when going towards the pole. The main activity in the bus was playing Mafioso.

We had some foreign reinforcements with us: three Italians (who got their part of the Italian mafia) and one Jojosan from the Empire of baguettes. Inspired by the French reinforcement some singing was heard in the bus too: mainly Badger badger badger and I'm gonna flip out like a ninja.

After getting to our place in Lapland late on Sunday we carried the food and other necessary stuff to the cottages and went to bed. On Monday we started the process of bestial calculation by having a plenty of theory. The day was quite full of that and there was not too much free time in addition to eating. On Tuesday morning we studied the theory some more, after which we had a six hour tour to the nature center of Hetta. The evening was largely used in doing exercises.

On Wednesday we calculated once again. We had a stomachful of theory and exercises so we didn't need to eat anything today. On Thursday we spent the whole day in Norway, for example we visited the local water park (in which some Frenchman some time went to swim, and was never seen again alive). And one of us also did that; swam in the Arctic sea. He was seen again. :( (Hey that wasn't me! And even if it was then I was joking! *phew*)

On Friday we again calculated bestially, packed the stuff melancholically, slept over the night and jumped off a cliff to the bus towards the sunset. At some point we had a break in Rovaniemi , walked over the polar circle, hailed Santa (who was very greedy; 19 euros only for a single photo!) and drove home. Make and Jojosan were left to the railway station of Rovaniemi; they got to walk. To the train.

But that was not everything! Most of the population had the night and did the test in Puolanka, from where the journey towards home continued. The recent second year students did the test of numerical methods and the third year students did complex analysis. The results were good and the students were rejoicing for the success of the summer school. We'll do it again next year!


I didn't have time to read the text for typos, mistaeks and such. I hope this is better than nothing. Thanks. :) -- Make